The FDIC is hiring summer interns! Each year we sponsor a highly selective PAID summer internship program, the Financial Management Scholars (FMS) Program. The FMS Program is a 12-week summer internship providing hands-on experience evaluating bank operations, business planning, risk management strategies, and consumer protection practices that may lead to a post-graduation employment offer. Internships are available at over 50 locations nationwide. Whether you’re considering a career in public service or in the private sector, this internship will provide you with an excellent overview of the banking and financial services industry, and enhance your resume for future job searches. We also have entry-level positions for seniors! The FDIC employs 150 new and recent college graduates each year into its premier four-year Corporate Employee Program (CEP) and trains them to be commissioned bank examiners and resolutions and receivership specialists. Those who are successful have continuing opportunities for growth and development throughout their careers with the FDIC. The FDIC operates very much like a private business. Our agency is responsible for overseeing banks to ensure that they operate in a safe and sound manner and comply with consumer protection, fair lending, and other laws and regulations; insuring customer deposits in FDIC-insured banks; and serving as receiver for insured banks that fail. FDIC employees know that the work that they do contributes directly to the stability of and public confidence in the banking industry, and makes a difference in the lives of consumers and depositors throughout the U.S.

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Available Positions

Financial Management Scholar (Paid Summer Internship) Financial Institution Specialist (Premier Entry-Level)

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