Global Endowment Management (“GEM”) manages $9 billion in perpetual capital with the goal of generating exceptional risk-adjusted real returns for our clients, largely U.S. endowments and foundations. Founded in 2007 and based in Charlotte, GEM employs a value-oriented, long-term investment strategy in both public and private markets. In addition to traditional investments like public equities, our portfolio includes alternative investments such as real estate, natural resources, infrastructure, venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds. Our uniquely long-term capital base affords us the opportunity to patiently invest in good businesses and high quality assets alongside world-class investors and operators. We invest through a variety of structures as either a controlling or minority investor: joint ventures, traditional funds, and co- and direct investments. With few exceptions, we do not oversee the day-to-day management of our underlying investments. Instead, we focus our efforts on 1) sourcing exceptional management teams, 2) identifying attractive businesses, and 3) ensuring prudent capital allocation.

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