Teledyne Scientific & Imaging is comprised of Teledyne Scientific Company and Teledyne Imaging Sensors, which includes Teledyne Judson Technologies. As Teledyne’s Central Research Laboratory, Teledyne Scientific Company transitions technologies developed with contract R&D investments from U.S. Government R&D funding agencies into various Teledyne businesses. We are a technology leader in high performance compound semiconductor devices and integrated circuits, ceramic and functional materials, efficient real-time information processing algorithms, and optical sensors and assemblies. Teledyne Imaging Sensors is a leader in high performance imaging systems for military, space, astronomy, and commercial applications. Our products include infrared (IR) & visible sensors, Read-Out Integrated Circuits (ROICs), IR scientific and tactical cameras, camera electronics embedded with advanced algorithms, and laser eye and sensor protection devices & filters.

100 - 999 engineering technology alumni rep

Advice from Employer

Be familiar with the company that you are going to talk to, even if it's minimal.


Available Positions

Research Engineer, Machine Learning Research Engineer, Quality Engineer, Schedule Analyst, System Engineer, Thin Film Optics Process Engineer, Planner, Assembly Manufacturing Engineer, Mechanical and Assembly Engineer, Wafer Fab Engineer,

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