The D. E. Shaw group is a global investment and technology development firm. Founded in 1988 over a small bookstore in downtown New York City, we began with six employees and quickly became a pioneer in computational finance. Since then, we've built a reputation for successful investing based on persistent innovation, analytical rigor, careful risk management, and uniquely talented employees. Within the D. E. Shaw group, we run on collaboration, not internal competition. Teams work together to share trade ideas, identify and address risks, build tools, and explore new opportunities. Our staff includes world-class mathematicians, economists, physicists, computer scientists, analysts, business-builders, and system architects relying on specialized trading, operational, and compliance expertise developed over 30 years.

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Available Positions

Full-Time Opportunities o Quantitative Analyst o Software Developer o Proprietary Trader o Generalist o Rotational Associates Program o Systems: Systems Administrator •

Internship Opportunities o Quantitative Analyst Intern o Software Developer Intern o Quantitative Analyst Intern, Ph.D. o Software Developer Intern, Ph. D. o Fundamental Research Analyst Intern o Proprietary Trading Intern o Generalist Intern o Quant Systems: Intern o Systems: Systems Administrator Intern o Systems: Systems Technologist Intern

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