We’re a team determined to solve difficult problems. Since 2014, we’ve been carefully designing and building a platform that addresses one of the most challenging problems in the identity space. The Transmit Security Platform provides a solution for managing identity across applications while maintaining security and usability. As criminal threats evolve, online authentication has become reactive and less effective. Many organizations have taken on multiple point solutions to try to stay ahead, deploying new authenticators, risk engines, and fraud tools. In the process, the customer experience has suffered. And with an increasingly complex environment, many enterprises struggle with the ability to rapidly innovate to provide customers with an omni-channel experience that enables them to stay ahead of emerging threats. Our R&D is based in Israel, a center of talent for cyber security, application-development, and analytics. Through our many years in the market, we’ve been able to gather an A team of talented software engineers who have been the foundation of the company and the platform.

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