Since 1975, MAXIMUS has operated under its founding mission of Helping Government Serve the People ®, aimed to become a leading provider for the administration of government health and human services programs worldwide. MAXIMUS develops high-quality solutions to reach the needs of communities on a state, federal and local government level for a growing range of services. Our projects help citizens choose and enroll in a Medicaid plan, provide training to individuals for achieving employment, and deliver modern and innovative answers to improving efficiencies. MAXIMUS offers the unique opportunity for our employees to positively impact people through the skills they use every day. We hire interns and recent college graduates from a wide range of majors (Social Sciences, Government, STEM, Liberal Arts, etc.), leveraging experiences both in and outside of the traditional classroom environment. Our selection process emphasizes career readiness skills such as leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, communication and work ethic. MAXIMUS is the place to put your passions to work!




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Available Positions

Associate Consultant Capture Analyst System Associate Engineer Campus Recruitment Specialist Business Development Intern Communication Intern Finance & Accounting Intern Legal Intern Proposal Writing Intern Software Engineering Intern

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